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Donna Gay Anderson is a playwright/lyricist whose career path has always been forged by love for the stage. Her mother was a director, so her earliest memories are of theatrical rehearsals. She worked as an actress before accepting the position of Director of Children and Teens Division at Gilla Roos Talent Agency in New York. Later, she taught theater at the high school level before becoming Director of Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts and its annual festival, Fanfare. Donna Gay is the author of High and Mighty, a musical which debuted in November 2015 at Southeastern Louisiana University, and also received multiple awards of recognition at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region 6. She was the first place winner of the So You Think You Can Write, One Act Competition in 2016 for Blues, and was a finalist in the one act play category at the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival 2016 for Shrimp and Crab. Other produced works are An Act of Charity(New York) and Formula One(Louisiana and North Carolina) and Red Red Wine(Louisiana). Her work has been presented in development at the First Draft Series at Chicago Dramatists and also by the artists from Kentucky Shakespeare in cooperation with Spalding University in Louisville. Donna Gay has served as a contributing writer for Dramatists Magazine and She is the founder and facilitator of The Neighborhood Book Club (, a weekly book club program for young girls. She holds degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University, The National Shakespeare Conservatory and Spalding University, and memberships at Theatre Communications Group, Dramatists Guild of America and Chicago Dramatists. She and her husband, Tom, live outside of New Orleans with any neighborhood dog who wishes to spend the night.

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Donna Gay Anderson

My Projects

My Projects

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Poster

In the mid 1980s, two young women-Caroline and Bernie-meet for the first time in an Upper East Side church in Manhattan. On the same day, they are delighted to also meet Will, the new seminary intern, who happens to be a handsome, charming Princeton graduate. The two women and the intern become fast friends and unbeknownst to the women, the two younger gals each become romantically involved with the intern, who is of questionable character.  When the possibility of a public scandal arises, the three act out as the worst of us would.   One of them commits a crime within the walls of the church. Friendships, trust and hopes fracture as each character’s inner voice tries to steer them through this turning point in their lives.  

The play contains strong language and is not appropriate for youngsters.


In 2019, Donna Gay and her collaborator, composer Teddy Christman, traveled to Haiti to see if the woman they had heard about was the real deal. She is. Her name is Susie Krabacher and she has granted them theatrical rights to her story. Even though the story addresses serious subject matter, the musical layers hope and love with heartbreak and humor.

In Unfolded, a Playboy Centerfold cares for thousands of disabled abandoned children in Haiti for 25 years, all in a desperate effort to purge herself of her own shameful past, one of family dysfunction, sexual abuse and exploitation. As a small child, Susie made a promise to God that if she could survive the abuse, she would find a way to protect other children who had no protector. As an adult, she honors that vow by seeking out the most vulnerable children in the world and finding them in Haiti, where she establishes an orphanage, school, feeding center and medical clinic. However, it’s not without insurmountable challenges, for as recent news demonstrates, Haiti-as well as Susie-is still constantly assaulted by natural disasters, gang violence, corruption, and babies being sold. Here are some samples of the story in song.

Susie Krabacher has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer among others. She’s been honored at the White House and Kensington Palace and is supportive of the project. This project has been presented in developmental readings in New York and Louisiana plus a concert in New York in 2019. It contains a cast of 13 and 19 songs. It was a finalist for presentation at Musical Writers Festival 2022.

Dead Reckoning

Donna Gay and composer Theodore Christman are also currently collaborating in the new musical, Dead Reckoning, about a WWII pilot, his mother and her defense of his legacy after his squadron is lost at sea. Early in development, the project is currently presenting as a single act full musical with ten songs. Inspired by actual events from 1945, this piece considers what it takes to heal the wounds of losing a son and whether it’s possible to heal at all.

The Way We Say Goodbye

Humans bid farewell to people, places, and things for a plethora of reasons and in countless ways, leading them to places of gratitude, shame, anger, joy, grace, fear, and reconciliation. The Way We Say Goodbye, a collage of monologues with varying degrees of separation, introduces us to fourteen women and one man who celebrate, mourn, and sometimes cluelessly navigate the farewells that clear paths to the subsequent chapters of their lives. Simple to rehearse and produce, this script is flexible in casting. Perfect for universities and community theatre.

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